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Memories cast in Stones

The Rolling Stones will take the stage and say hello to Buffalo for the seventh and – maybe – final time tonight. We asked you to share your memories of those earlier shows, from 1966 to 1997. Here is a sampling of your responses.

Been to every Stones show in Buffalo since the 1975 shows and have not missed a Stones tour since. I’ve traveled the US to see them and July 11 will mark 40 years since my first Stones stadium show at Rich in 75. All shows have been epic in their own right but for me the highlight was AFTER the July 4, 1978, show. My girlfriend and I tracked Mick Jagger down at what was then the Sheraton East Hotel on Walden Avenue. On the afternoon of July 5, after confirming with his bodyguard that Mick was indeed in Suite 812 and Jerry Hall had left on an earlier flight, we knocked on his door. He answered, let us in and we spent about 20 minutes chatting. He couldn’t have been nicer to two very innocent girls who addressed him as Mr. Jagger. He asked us if we went to the prior days show, wondered if we enjoyed it and even jumped on the couch in his suite and did the rooster dance for us. ... I’ve retold this story countless times and I have the autograph to prove it. The Stones are MY band; there is no other musical act that comes close to them for me.

– Paula Chambers Walters


My dad was kind enough to drive me and my band, The Gazelles up to the Aud in ’66 from Salamanca. Openers were the Tradewinds, McCoys and the Standells. Seen the Stones a few times since, but not with Brian Jones. I think “Get off My Cloud” was just released, but what do I know? I was 15.

– Robert Maas


I went to the Aud in 1975 and the ’78 and ’81 stadium shows. The Aud in 1975 was by far the best performance of the three from my perspective although the reviews weren’t as kind. I still have the review from The Buffalo Evening News that gave credit to Billy Preston for igniting the crowd when he and Mick did a two-song duet. The process of getting tickets was a good memory as I ended up going after school and got four tickets in the Boulevard Mall in the lower blues stage right for a grand total of $36. I was able to make my brother’s day when I called him and told him he had a ticket.

– Adam Yalowich


I went to one and I remember having a good time but my memory is horrible. I remember it was a beautiful day. I was young and excited.

– Karolina Tissel


I reviewed them for Billboard when they played here in ’81. It was quite an experience from the Press Box & from down on-the-playing field.

– Hanford Searl Jr.


I was 12. WKBW had an on air contest. They would give a clue and if you figured it out, you had to appear at the station on Main Street with the item the clue referred to within 15 minutes and 20 seconds. I can’t remember the clue but the answer was “bar bells.” I talked my sister, who at the time dated Rod Roddy, the afternoon drive DJ at the time, to drive me with my bar bells to the station where I claimed the prize of two tickets to the show at the Aud. Row 10, up front. We both had a great time. Took two rolls of film with my Instamatic camera.

– Frank Taylor


During the 1981 concert, George Thorogood opened for the Stones and after his set he went up to the CHUM-FM press box which was right behind my seat. i got his autograph on the back of my ticket. (I still have it!)

– Scott Frasier


Never made it inside. I was walking with a very large group of people and got nervous when we were stopped from crossing the road. People behind us were pushing toward the street and I felt being pushed into traffic. Cars began trying to avoid hitting people but a few of us got hit. Not badly hurt but I had to go to the ambulance with a few other guys to get checked out. Took too long and we listened to the show from the parking lot.

– Carl Nocera


I saw them in 1975 with my then boyfriend and we brought his younger brother. This December his younger brother and I will be married 33 years. Good times!

– Louise Kester


I went. Had nosebleed seats. Ripped the butt seam out of my jeans climbing over a fence in the parking lot. Had to go home, change and come back

– Jean Perillo


I saw the Stones in ’81. I remember buying two extra tickets and sold them at UB for $35 a piece. (Good money back then.) I remember Journey wanted to headline every other show and after nine songs or so they left the stage to a less than enthusiastic response. The wind and rain got heavy and the roadies had to cut all of the banners from the stage rigging. The Stones were awesome. Funny, as I thought that they were old then …

– Leo McGorry


I went with my father to the Rolling Stones concert in 1997. I still remember how “grown up” I felt going to such a huge concert. The “Rolling Stones 97” graffiti seen on the bridge near the corner of Southwestern Boulevard and California Road for many years further confirmed to me how special the concert was. The Rolling Stones became something for Dad and I to bond over- we would later go see the Stones in 2003 at the “SARSStock” festival in Toronto, and will be at the concert this Saturday at the Ralph.

– Will Lorenz


I suppose this speaks to how long the Stones have been around and the multiple generations that have loved their music: I was at the ’97 show with a buddy who was significantly older. I was 20, he was probably in his 40s. The two women behind us commented on how nice it was that he took his son to the show. We had a good laugh, and to this day I still call him dad and he calls me son.

– Rob Kappel

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