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Letters for July 12

Murray puts together plan for Sabres’ success

From passivity to hyperactivity. Tim Murray, for sure, is not timid. In the beginning we probably though he was trading players for draft picks. But now we realize he had a plan and he’s keeping to it with a smile on his face.

Two years in last place was enough, there will be no third year of that, and I bet he isn’t through yet. Will we be playoff contenders? You never know until the season begins. But now there is optimism and hope for the coming season. Bring it on.

Paul DiVito


Sabres give fan plenty to get excited about

Wow. Eichel, O’Reilly, plus a goalie added to an array of young players, led by a Stanley Cup-winning coach. Rob Ray says the Sabres will make the playoffs. Some national commentators are even predicting the Sabres will win the Stanley Cup within three years.

The French Connection glory days are coming back. Except this time the Sabres will get to hoist the Cup.

Joyce Wilson


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