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Letter: Calling prison employee ‘dowdy’ was unwarranted

Calling prison employee ‘dowdy’ was unwarranted

Following the gripping News stories from Dannemora regarding the escaped prisoners especially drew me in. While formerly employed in Lake Placid, many of my co-workers resided in the more remote areas such as Malone, Bloomington, Jay, Keene or Wilmington. The disadvantages to residing in these areas are hidden in the great Adirondack landscapes.

One in particular is having to travel long distances for some affordable supplies that city dwellers and/or tourists take for granted. For a woman living in the protected wilds, these issues can be frustrating to cope with, even depressing.

The more frequented resort areas with hotels, salons, spas, restaurants and such are expensive and even intimidating for service employees. The focus of my argument is that Joyce Mitchell, who is accused of conspiring to aid in two convicts’ escape, was a prison employee. She didn’t reside in a high-end resort town. I’m no lawyer, however, for The News to refer to Mitchell as “dowdy” is unfair, judgmental and prejudicial, I feel. What does this reporter know of women who live in the Adirondacks?

Janice Schlau