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Letter: Breaking windows to free pets in cars is a bad idea

Breaking windows to free pets in cars is a bad idea

I am one of the world’s biggest dog lovers, but I am here to say that the proposed legislation that would permit people to break windows out of cars to free an animal is a bad idea that will result in more trauma and property damage than saved pets. The general public has become so sensitized to the issue of dogs left in hot or cold cars that it has become difficult to travel with pets.

An attorney friend left his two dogs in his car on a midwinter day while he made a brief court appearance. When he returned, a man was taking photos of the car and calling the police. Meanwhile, his two dogs, which have thick coats and love cool days, were perfectly content.

Similarly, my husband and I returned to our vehicle one October day at a state park to find a crowd surrounding the car fussing over our dog inside. Ever the dramatic one, our dog was putting on a great show of whining piteously. What they interpreted as distress was just a clever canine showing off for attention. Our four dogs love to travel, and when someone shouts “road trip,” you had better get out of the way of the stampede heading for the car.

Sadly, uninformed do-gooders are making these once fun trips into contentious events. Enacting legislation that will give misguided people the right to break car windows to “save” dogs will only make outings in the family car too dangerous for the pet and too expensive for the owner.

Julie B. Hewitt