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Letter: NRA simply protecting legal gun owners’ rights

NRA simply protecting legal gun owners’ rights

It puzzles me that the National Rifle Association is portrayed as an evil, sinister presence in this country. The NRA is made up of millions of concerned members as a way to make their voices heard. It is successful because its members are involved and concerned about their Second Amendment rights. Most any lobbyist group would be envious of its relevance.

The NRA is no less honorable than AARP, the American Bar Association or many others. It responds to its members’ requests, as any credible lobbyist group would do.

As a longtime member, I am aware of the issues, and the NRA speaks for me. Neither my guns nor I have ever been involved in any crime and I’m tired of being lumped in with those who are. Were it not for the NRA, every civilian in this country would be totally disarmed. Think about it, especially with the recent escape of two killers.

Gary Chamberlain