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Letter: Hate-filled violence sadly not surprising

Hate-filled violence sadly not surprising

I certainly hope that no one was surprised by the hate-filled violence that surfaced so horribly in a South Carolina church. For quite a long time, it has been rearing its ugly head in unreasoned acts of ferocity. It is a serpent that is being poked with a stick on a regular basis. I cite the white supremacist groups that span the whole country that cannot countenance anyone whose skin is not lily white.

This hate comes in other forms, as well: political, gender-based and immigrant bashing. It comes spewing out of conservative talk radio and the unbelievably popular Fox Network. The grand poobah of talk radio is Rush Limbaugh, who churns out a never-ending line of character assassination. And then we have Ann Coulter, queen of venom and vitriol, who tops the best seller list with every book she writes. Add to that list Laura Ingraham, Michael Savage and Glenn Beck. The list is oh so long.

And what does this all add up to? It creates an atmosphere and environment that is constantly stirring up dissent and emotional turmoil, which leads to anger against the “other” – anyone different from those who generate it. It’s not logical, it’s not legitimate and it is certainly not in the finest tradition of the world’s religions and for sure not Christianity, which so many of these haters profess.

Even the skirts of our government are not clean. We have much to repent. I remind you that in our name, Native Americans were ruthlessly crushed and incarcerated in reservations, as were Japanese-American citizens during World War II. We are sitting on a reservoir of hate.

It’s about time we looked into our own hearts and recognized that we cannot go on like this. It has to end.

Joseph Spina