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Letter: Canalside missed boat on women’s soccer game

Canalside missed boat on women’s soccer game

The U.S. Women’s National Team’s victory over Japan in the World Cup title game was the most viewed soccer game in the nation’s history. More Americans watched the U.S. women play for a title than watched a series-clinching game in the 2015 NBA finals or Game 7 of the 2014 World Series.

My family and I tuned into the World Cup title game and were thrilled by a U.S. team that led off with a historically dominant performance. Back in 2014, we’d gone to Canalside for the public viewing parties that were held there to support the U.S. men’s team during the World Cup.

Just prior to kickoff in the women’s title game, we saw live feeds of public viewing parties in places like Kansas City and Chicago. This prompted my teenage daughter to ask: “Hey, why didn’t Canalside host a party for the women’s team like it did for the men’s team?” Good question. So what gives, Canalside?

I’ve heard that higher-ups at the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corp. explained that the Fourth of July festivities on Saturday were an obstacle to a viewing party on Sunday. Sorry, but that doesn’t pass muster. It seems that Canalside simply failed to think about and plan for the women’s team in the same way it did for the men’s team. Here’s hoping that Canalside gets it right in 2019, when the women’s team looks to defend its title in France.

Dennis Schaeffer