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Front page July 10, 1915: Man dies after bar fight; Lancaster appeals $5,000 verdict

On the day's front page, coverage of The News' Preference Primary continues alongside these other local stories:

"Man dies as result of shot in saloon fight"

"Frank Stefaniak, 26 years old, of 16 Warner street, who was shot during a saloon brawl at 56 Grimes street two weeks ago, died this morning at the Emergency hospital. His death is the second as the result of the brawl. John Koszinski, 24 years old, of 83 Millburn street, having died a few hours after he was shot."

"Lancaster files appeal against verdict of $5000"

"The village of Lancaster filed notice of appeal with the county clerk today in the action brought against it by Emma ROland, who secured a verdict of $5000 in her favor. The plaintiff proved to the satisfaction of the jury that the village was negligent in allowing a certain bridge in the village to decay so that when she was walking over it she tripped and fell, causing severe injuries."

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July 10 1915

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