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Letter: Keep railroad tank cars out of residential areas

Keep railroad tank cars out of residential areas

I am a concerned East Lovejoy resident, and think a potentially dangerous situation should be made known to the people who live in adjacent communities. My community is south of Broadway Street, situated between North Ogden Street and Bailey Avenue. The problem: Parallel to Broadway are CSX railroad tracks. These tracks, on numerous occasions, carry railroad tank cars. In fact, there are times when you drive east on Broadway nearing Lancaster and you cannot see the end of these tank cars. That is all you see!

Now, my fear, and you may tell me it is unfounded, is that on a tragic day these railroad tank cars may accidentally erupt into a tremendous fire. There will be a tremendous amount of death, health problems and environmental damage to me, my neighbors and my community.

I have written both of my senators and my congressman about this problem. I still did not hear from them. Why does CSX feel that it needs to transport these cars through city neighborhoods and endanger people’s lives and property? Why are politicians hesitant to correct this problem? Is this another matter of ignoring the little guy and his problems?

Francis A. Leli