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Letter: It’s disgraceful to celebrate July Fourth by wasting food

It’s disgraceful to celebrate July Fourth by wasting food

Once again, I am astonished and appalled at the joyous publicity, celebration and hype bestowed on the hot dog eating contest held in New York City on our nation’s birthday, July Fourth.

Is this really something we Americans can or should be proud of? What pride should we take in celebrating an individual for “wolfing down 62 frankfurters and buns in 10 minutes”? We should be questioning why the sponsoring company doesn’t donate all those hot dogs and buns to a food pantry for those who might have been hungry on our nation’s 239th birthday.

Maybe the company donates at other times but this event, along with the other “games” people play on their holiday picnics like tomato smashing, raw egg rolls and chicken wing eating contests, should not be condoned by such celebrations.

Do we not recognize that we Americans waste more food than most other countries in the world and yet poverty and hunger are epidemic across our land?

That these contests usually end with the winner vomiting his intake to relieve his discomfort for “pigging out” and requiring an antacid to neutralize his stomach acidity is beyond my understanding of anything rational or ethical.

Let’s find more important things to celebrate for a “job well done,” like the winner or sponsor making a charitable donation to help put an end to poverty and hunger in our great country.

Rose Marie Hall

West Seneca