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Letter: If ‘Redskins’ must go, then why not ‘Devils’?

If ‘Redskins’ must go, then why not ‘Devils’?

Yesterday I had to go to Kenmore West High School. I noticed a large sign there, proclaiming that the school was home to the Blue Devils, and I started thinking.

Recently, the Lancaster School Board voted to change its high school mascot to the Legends. Previously it had been the Redskins. There was tremendous controversy over the issue, but the name was deemed offensive and then changed.

So why is it OK for half of Ken-Ton to be represented by a devil? How is this not an egregious affront to Christian families? To be asked to adopt the foe of your God as your mascot should be completely unacceptable. So why does no one even bat an eye at this mascot? Is religion not as important as skin color? I don’t expect public schools to be represented by religious mascots. But on the other hand, should we be forced to accept mascots that essentially pay homage to the enemy of God?

I don’t personally care that Ken-West calls itself the Blue Devils. What does bother me is that there wasn’t even a question about this mascot being acceptable in a day and age when everyone worries about offending everyone else. Why wasn’t anyone worried about who might be offended by this particular mascot? Is it because those most offended would be Christians?

Erin Maynard