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Letter: Escaped convicts were clearly not ‘gentlemen’

Escaped convicts were clearly not ‘gentlemen’

On June 27, I read a News article regarding escaped killers David Sweat and Richard Matt. This was before Matt was dispatched to hell by a Border Patrol agent. In this article, as in many others, our illustrious Gov. Andrew Cuomo was quoted as saying: “Law enforcement from across the country are cooperating with one mission – to bring these gentlemen to justice.”

As a detective (now retired) with the Amherst Police Department, I once had occasion to interview Matt regarding an assault when he was in his 20s. The victim was beaten bloody and his condominium just about destroyed. However, he refused to prosecute. Matt thought the whole matter humorous, and said the guy deserved it. Matt was not a gentleman then, if ever. He was a vicious psycho who should have been eliminated from society long before he was.

Gentleman? Look it up, governor. Rest in misery, Gentleman Matt.

Thomas Walsh