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The Bedrock is a great spot for a summertime meal

There are few things as relaxing as reclining and watching boats and jet skiers zip past on Lake Erie while seagulls glide over the top of the gently rippling water. It’s a tranquil reminder that Buffalo does have a season without snow. Now, add in a sunset and a juicy charbroiled cheeseburger and you’ve got one of Western New York’s true summer gems – eating at the Bedrock Eatery.

Perched atop a rocky overlook along Route 5, Bedrock offers the perfect summer menu of burgers and dogs on the char griller, fries, rings and a mean Texas Hot ($2.75). It’s nothing fancy – you order at the counter and listen for your number over the loudspeaker – but dinner for two will cost you less than a $20 and it will be served hot, fast, and fresh.

Like your burger or dog loaded up? Bedrock offers a self-serve topping bar with three kinds of relish, onions, pickles and other assorted toppings to ensure you get it just the way you like it.

Daily specials are seafood heavy and include what the locals will tell you is as good a fish fry as you’ll find in the Southtowns ($9.95).

The cheeseburger ($2.75), charbroiled hot dog ($2.50) and an order of battered onion rings ($3.25) are the way to go at Bedrock, but there are several lighter options, too. The Chunky Tuna Salad Bowl ($9.95) and the Chicken Caesar Salad Bowl ($9.95) will leave you full and guilt-free. You can also pass over the Fish Fry in favor of a healthier Broiled Cod ($13.25).

Once you’ve got your food, you have three options for seating. If the weather is cooperating you can enjoy your food outside in the open air. Inside, you’ll find a half dozen tables in the main building as well as plenty of seating in the enclosed porch, offering a fantastic view of the lake, along with protection from the elements.

Having grown up on the coast of Maine and New Hampshire, I’ll admit a bias to the décor of the Bedrock. The walls are covered with fishing knickknacks, birds, boats and plastic lobsters. Hanging from the ceiling you’ll find endless wind chimes, most made from seashells. It’s the kind of place that is so campy it just works.

If you’ve saved room for dessert, you’ve got a few options. You can start with local favorite Perry’s ice cream and load up on one of several sundaes on the menu ($3.95-4.95), or, try one of the thickest, tastiest milkshakes I’ve found in these parts ($4.25). It is so heavy you’ll need two hands to hold it and a friend to share it with.

The best place to enjoy your sweet ending is perched atop the large rocks outside the building taking in the splendor on all sides. For the more adventurous souls willing to make the trek, there is a sliver of sand at the bottom to walk along, depending on how far the water has crept up. On this night there were several people strolling along, walking off the calories from a delicious meal at the Bedrock.

Bedrock Eatery

Where: 4038 Hoover Road, Blasdell (627-3654)

Hours: Daily 11 a.m. until dusk.

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