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Letter: Same-sex marriage critics should consider alternatives

Same-sex marriage critics should consider alternatives

Why is there such a commotion over the same-sex marriage ruling? We need to remember that there is separation of church and state. All the “Christians” who are lambasting others for their choices need to take a breath and step back.

I have the ultimate solution. In the Catholic faith, we have the sacrament of matrimony. It is holy and solemn. It is a covenant between a man, a woman and God. Catholics are to take this sacrament very seriously. Divorce is not an option except in very extreme cases, and then, the couple must go through an ecclesiastical tribunal to determine that the marriage was invalidly contracted.

There are two tribunals that must agree that the marriage was invalidly contracted at its inception before an annulment can be granted by the Vatican. In the secular world, they have civil marriage. The term means many things to many people. One gets a license from the courthouse. Some go through a drive-through in Vegas, others have private ceremonies on hillsides. Some have clerics to preside, some have county clerks.

This marriage is a civil union only. It is recognized by the state (and now the federal) government. People have a marriage ceremony and are declared married in the eyes of the state. They can get divorced.

In today’s world, marriage is much more cavalier than in the past. If Christians want to keep the sacredness in getting married, then follow your church’s canon law. Enter into the sacrament of matrimony and leave the secularists to civil marriages, whether it be same-sex, or heterosexual.

Linda F. Smith