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Letter: Canalside could emulate installations found in Croatia

Canalside could emulate installations found in Croatia

I applaud Donn Esmonde’s recent article to bring the historic carousel to our waterfront. Local agencies, individual players and constituencies have done a fabulous job creating a vibrant user-friendly waterfront.

Much has been focused on our past history but I would suggest two attractions we found in Zadar, Croatia, as inspirations for the future of our community public waterfront.

With so much attention in Western New York now focused on renewable energy (SolarCity, wind power) Zadar could serve as a model for future public attractions. This ancient mid-size city on the Dalmatian coast boosts a wonderful open public space with two unique installations that contribute much to the excitement of the waterfront.

The first is a musical sea organ built under a concrete walkway at water’s edge, surrounded by wonderful piano key-like benches. The “organ” itself consists of different size hollow pipes that produce sounds generated by wind and water movement.

The second is a large disk of solar light panels that produces color light changes when walked upon (think the game SIMON on a mega basis).

These two installations are public art at its best.

I believe that the waterfront and Canalside should look both to the past and future. The Erie Canal and the grain elevators are the past. The future is solar and wind.

My hope is that those who can make a difference will be inspired enough to look at Zadar and these two installations.

Phyllis J. Newman

East Amherst