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Buffalo woman finds what she's looking for at U2 concert

Katie Krawczyk has always felt a personal connection with the band U2.

And on Monday night in Toronto, U2 showed that it had a personal connection with her.

Krawczyk and her boyfriend, Dan Gigante, who live in Buffalo’s Elmwood Village, had floor seats for the concert at the Air Canada Centre. The band had just finished “Stuck in a Moment You Can't Get Out Of” when lead singer Bono made a surprise speech.

“I happen to know that there’s a man in the audience named Dan, and he wants to ask a girl Katie to marry him,” Bono said.

The crowd burst into cheers. “Dan, now is your moment,” Bono said. He went on to joke: “We’ll be available for the wedding. We are always available for weddings, funerals and bar mitzvahs.”

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Because their seats were on the opposite side of the stage, Krawczyk did not catch all of what he said.

“I only heard the words ‘weddings and bar mitzvahs,’” she laughed on the phone with The News.

But suddenly, Gigante had turned to face her.

“I guess this is my cue,” he said. “Katie, did you hear what he said?”

She stared at him, uncomprehending.

“I sort of knew something was going on,” she said. “And I got very nervous. Sure enough, he pulled out the ring. The people around us went crazy.”

An anonymous concertgoer filmed Bono's proposal cue and posted it on YouTube. But even with it on video, Krawczyk still remains ecstatically stuck in the moment.

“I’m a lifelong U2 fan,” she confessed. “I remember listening to their music when I was 3. I used to joke that they were the soundtrack to my life. To find a moment that was this special was so shocking and beautiful.”

She laughed that her fiance probably concocted the proposal because nothing else would surprise her. A couple for five years, they co-own two businesses, the marketing firm 19 IDEAS and also You and Who, a T-shirt company involved with charity.

“He had this fantasy to propose to me on stage at the show,” she said. “He said it a couple of years ago to friends, and they were like, ‘Good luck with that.’”

Wish became reality thanks to friends in the music community, including local promoters Marty Boratin and Bruce Moser. The Thursday before the show, Boratin told Gigante: “It’s a long shot. But just make sure you have the ring on you.’”

Gigante didn’t have a ring, so he borrowed Krawczyk’s mother’s engagement ring. He got a text from Boratin just as the show was starting, telling him to be ready.

On Tuesday, Krawczyk wrote on Facebook: “Every marriage should begin with an Irish blessing.”

“I want to say a big THANK YOU to Marty Boratin for helping me make this happen and to Bruce Moser for making this happen,” wrote Gigante.

“BONO SAID YOUR NAMES!!!!” marveled one friend.

“Wow, what a beautiful chapter to your story,” another friend wrote.

Which raises a question: How will the next chapter of the story top this one?

Krawczyk must finally have her feet back on the ground, because on the phone, she showed she was thinking clearly.

She said: “The real question is, how do I take U2 up on their offer to play at my wedding?”

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