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Louisville's Klenakis on G John Miller: 'He is a true professional'

Rarely are third-round picks asked to step in and do so much. But Louisville's John Miller could very well be thrown into the fire Week 1 against Indianapolis. Guard has been a sore spot on this Bills offense the last two seasons.

In Sunday's edition of The Buffalo News, Miller cited his father, Johnnie Green, as the No. 1 reason he's here today with this opportunity.

For more on Miller the player, here's what Louisville's offensive line coach and run game coordinator, Chris Klenakis, had to say. Miller played on both the left and right side in the college and Klenakis says he has the "functional" strength needed to push around NFL defensive tackles...

On Miller... “He’s a very quick learner. Has great football intelligence. He’s a student of the game. He takes very detailed notes. He comes in early to review them. He stays late. He watches extra film. He is a true professional, a student of the game. We have a saying at Louisville to be a ‘master of your craft,’ and John embodies that expression.”

 On what goes into this... “We’re very strict about our guys taking detailed notes. He’s on top of it and he knows how to prepare and study. He prepared every day. He’s a true professional.”

On if he can hold his own against the likes of Ndamukong Suh... “Yeah, he can. He’s a very physical, very strong player. He’s not only strong in the weight room but he has functional strength. Some guys may not put up great numbers in the weight room but they’re ‘man strong.’ They can grab onto you and you know you’ve been grabbed onto. ... He put up some great numbers. He was always one of the top lifters on our team.”

On if Louisville's blocking scheme was complicated... “Oh yeah. And that’s why our guys succeed in the NFL. That’s why our linemen go to the next level. We run a true pro-style system. The things we ask our linemen to do here at Louisville are what they’re asked to do in the NFL. The schemes, the techniques, the terminology. Our guys are very, very well-prepared for the next level.”

On what makes his offensive linemen so ready... “We run NFL systems, schemes. We audible. You have to understand defenses. We prepare our guys no different than how they’re prepared at the next level.”

On the most difficult part of the offense to pick up... “The ability to do it all. We have all sorts of run schemes and then you have to be able to pass protect as well. And our guys have to play out of a right- and left-handed stance because we flip our line. We have a ‘strong’ side and a ‘quick’ side. So they play on both the right and left sides.”

On Miller's personality... “He’s quiet at first but once you get to know him, he’s a great conversationalist. He has a great sense of humor. I was fortunate enough to meet his family at his graduation last December. And you could see why John is such a good young man—he comes from such a great family.”

 On Miller's NFL ceiling... “The sky’s the limit. John’s going to have a great career and John is going to be as good as he’s supposed to be because John’s going to make himself that good. John will work at it. He’ll become a master at his craft.”

 On what he must work on... “You can improve at everything you do. He’ll continue to get better and better and better.”

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