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Letter: We should not try to erase our history

We should not try to erase our history

This frenzy over the Confederate flag and any reminder of slavery is reminiscent of the Salem witch hunt. The Confederate flag is part of the history of the United States. People need to research the meaning of this flag and the relationship between the right to fly it and free speech.

Some fanatics are even calling for the removal of references to historical figures who owned slaves. Twelve presidents owned slaves and eight of them owned slaves while serving as president. Thomas Jefferson, who wrote the words “all men are created equal,” was himself a slave owner and profited from their efforts.

Are we going to ban all mention of slavery and pretend it didn’t exist? Shall we destroy all copies of “Gone with the Wind”? What about newspaper articles and photos of the KKK? There are plenty of examples of items relating to slavery and humorous depictions of black slaves. The antique malls are full of them. Do those fanatics want to destroy everything that reminds them that someone once created something that glorified slavery?

We live with items that remind us of the Holocaust. Nazi flags and images of swastikas are in plentiful supply. All of these items should serve to remind us of the horrible things one group has imposed upon another in the past so we understand and sympathize. We cannot erase history. We cannot eliminate all of those miserable people who thrive on misguided hatred. We can only hope that the next generation will learn that, indeed, all are created equal and no race is superior to the other.

Janice Misuraca

Lake View