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Letter: Same-sex marriage should be rejected

Same-sex marriage should be rejected

The recent Supreme Court ruling that favors same-sex marriage is a travesty of the Constitution, and of the founding principles that built this country. As such, it should be rejected.

When the Founders wrote the Declaration of Independence, they wrote reverently about “the laws of nature and of nature’s God.” This meant that they were setting up a country to be run by the rule of law, in accordance with principles established by nature, and not by human feelings. The concept of same-sex marriage falls into the “human feelings” realm.

Also, when the Founders wrote the Constitution, they stated that the laws were to be set up to “promote the general welfare.” Saying that two of the same gender can be married to one another creates a potential disintegration of the general welfare. Why is that? Marriage has been regarded as one man and one woman joining together to create their own unit, with the added hope of perpetrating the human race by procreation.

This ruling is the result of allowing feelings to overrule good sense; it should be called out and rejected.

Lloyd A. Marshall Jr.