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Letter: Flying Confederate flag wrong for many reasons

Flying Confederate flag wrong for many reasons

Recent events in Charleston have prompted me to address the issue of the Confederate flag being displayed in front of the South Carolina statehouse. This flag should be removed for three reasons. First, it represents a country that no longer exists, and for which a terrible war was fought on our shores between brothers, 600,000 of whom lost their lives. These lives were lost to preserve a union, which in 1865 became again, one nation. To display this flag 150 years after this issue was settled is pointless, antagonistic and divisive to our country.

Secondly, as I understand it, this flag was not erected until 1962, when the Supreme Court ruling regarding desegregation of schools was being implemented. It was a clear message to the federal government that South Carolina was not going to comply with the law of the land without a protest. South Carolina, prior to 1962, did not seem to think it was necessary to publicize its support of segregation in such a public and official way. After over 50 years of living with integration, it’s time to bury the hatchet.

And thirdly, the symbol of a philosophy and a former political entity that depended on the economy of slavery to exist has no place flying over any state capitol in this country. This flag represents a shameful period in our history in which men and women, and their children for generations to come, were kidnapped, tortured, worked to death and imprisoned in lives that none of us would wish for ourselves. Ask yourself, is this what any state should be holding up as an example of “heritage”?

Yes, we need to remember that part of our history, but we must never glorify the worst parts of our past. Leave the Confederate flag to the museums.

Adrienne Crandall