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Letter: Will service improve with fast-food pay hike?

Will service improve with fast-food pay hike?

I’m sure that I count myself among many, many others who, time after time, have had their fast-food order mistakenly filled. A missing toy or the wrong gender toy. Missing fries or the wrong type of sandwich. And this isn’t limited to any one particular fast-food restaurant, either. It has happened to me at several. You place your order at the drive-in speaker, repeat the order, hear it repeated back to you, pay at window one, pick up your food at window two, get home and open the bag, only to find the wrong or incomplete order. Frustrating.

But now there is a solution to all that angst. By paying fast-food workers $15 an hour, the so-called living wage, all of our worries are over. Because I’m sure that for $15 an hour, our orders will now be 100 percent correct 100 percent of the time. This is great news! If this is the trade-off, I’m sure all of America will be behind it. So, now, will you want fries with that order?

Bill McCarthy