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Letter: Great sacrifices made to keep America free

Great sacrifices made to keep America free

As I preached at our local cemetery this past Memorial Day, I gathered words to convey the meaning of that special day. We try to preserve the memory of those who have given their lives for our nation, commemorating their sacrifices to make America such a special country to live in. I saw the graves of so many people decorated with flowers, which led to the former title of the day, Decoration Day.

When I returned home after Mass, I picked up The News and saw the Another Voice article on the editorial page titled, “Today we pause to recognize our true national debt.”

The writer started by asking, “What’s our national debt?” He mentioned one that comes to mind and then indicated that it is “subservient to a second and deeper national debt.” He detailed those who served our nation: the soldier at Normandy in 1944; the representative at the Constitutional Convention of 1787; the nurses binding wounds of Confederate and Union soldiers during the Civil War; his father, who worked to keep munitions factories going during World War II; and those who serve others in our nation as volunteers to continue the treasures of our nation.

I thought of my Uncle John, a soldier who was killed in Italy in 1944. I then thought of my brother Dan, who died this past April as a result of Agent Orange from the Vietnam War. I prayed for my family’s losses and the sacrifices of so many families to keep “America the Beautiful” vibrant over these past 239 years.

As we again celebrate our nation’s independence, I thank God for “our true national debt.”

The Rev. Richard Csizmar

Holy Family Parish