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Letter: Confederate flag is symbol of segregation, oppression

Confederate flag is symbol of segregation, oppression

My congratulations to the thoughtful and caring people in South Carolina who are fighting to have the Confederate flag removed from the state capitol in the wake of the horrible killings of nine people at Emmanuel AME Church in Charleston.

The flag is a symbol of one of the most polarizing periods in our history – the enslavement of African-Americans. It is a reflection of the Confederate constitution, which would not permit states to join if they did not believe in slavery. To my white brothers and sisters in South Carolina who support the flag, I simply say: You lost the war; get over it.

How can people who profess to oppose segregation, slavery and racial oppression support a flag that represents all of the above? In addition, why would a state want to fly a flag that dishonors a third of its population?

Tommie E. Blunt