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It seems to us: Sour taste, hands off Hamilton, a loss for Baphomet and The Donald’s wrath

“Sun is bad for you. Everything our parents said was good is bad. Sun, milk, red meat … college.”

– Woody Allen as Alvy Singer in “Annie Hall”

Well, now you can add to the list orange juice and blue eyes. A new study has found a link between citrus and melanoma, the most dangerous kind of skin cancer. In particular, the study cited high consumption of whole grapefruit and orange juice. Meanwhile, another report has found that blue-eyed people have a greater propensity for alcoholism. Great. Next thing, somebody’s going to say that ice cream makes you fat. Oh well … Allen is just a comedian, right? No need to pay him any mind. Right?

We’re not sure what the people in charge of the nation’s currency have against New Yorkers. The stern face of Grover Cleveland, who was Erie County sheriff and mayor of Buffalo before moving on to become governor of New York and the nation’s 22nd and 24th president, once graced the $20 bill. In 1928 Cleveland was dumped in favor of slave holder and Indian fighter Andrew Jackson.

Now they’re after Founding Father Alexander Hamilton, a New York City lawyer and first secretary of the Treasury.

Current Treasury Secretary Jack Lew wants to get a woman on our paper money, which is a long-overdue idea, but he’s selected Hamilton’s $10 bill for the makeover. The solution is obvious: promote the woman to the double sawbuck and consign Jackson to history.

Intentionally or not, the Oklahoma Supreme Court struck a blow for decorum when it decided a Ten Commandments monument must be removed from the Capitol grounds.

That presumably means the state can turn down pending requests for space for a 7-foot statue of Baphomet (Satan as a bearded, winged goat-headed figure), and something from the satirical Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Macy’s joined the list of companies severing ties with Donald Trump over his disparaging statements about Mexican immigrants. Presidential candidate Trump, as he often does, has a different view of what happened. He claims he decided to step away from the company “because of the pressure being put on them by outside sources.”

Keep telling yourself that, Mr. Trump.