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Letter: Escape highlights need for citizen self-protection

Escape highlights need for citizen self-protection

First of all, I am grateful to all branches of law enforcement for their relentless work in ending the situation with escaped prisoners Richard Matt and David Sweat.

Secondly, in most of the articles in the paper and interviews with residents on television, people said that their doors were locked and they had firearms at the ready. In rural areas, most everyone has firearms in the home and I am certain this played on the minds of Matt and Sweat. I went to church in Cuba a few weeks ago, and a lady who must have been in her 80s said the shotgun was loaded and in the kitchen.

The point is, law enforcement cannot be sitting in your driveway 24/7. That is a luxury for our governor and president. As the criminal elements break down your door or window or attempt to rob, accost or carjack you on the streets, there is only one thing I want, and it’s not a phone.

Americans have a right to defend themselves not only at home but wherever they go. Coming home to a dark, vacant house with guns inside is not very comforting, either. Yes, this means concealed carry if one wishes, as long as there are no reasons why one should be denied a concealed carry permit.

We need people control, not gun control. Time after time this is reiterated to the politicians, who bow to the emotional and not the informed, logical and obvious solution. When will the focus come off of guns and onto the criminals?

Thirdly, clean house at the Clinton Correctional Facility and then transfer the cost of the manhunt to the guilty parties directly and personally in some fashion. This is criminal.

William G. Knab