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Letter: Samuelson’s views opposed by many

Samuelson’s views opposed by many

There he goes again, in his own special way. In his op-ed column in the June 27 News, Robert Samuelson said he wants to cut “entitlements for the elderly” – earned benefits, paid for out of trust funds we have paid into, and which help support our federal deficit. These trust funds will need help in a few years, but we worked to earn these benefits and will fight to keep them.

One thing that would help is giving Medicare the same ability that Veterans Affairs has to bargain for prescription drug prices. People wear out, mentally and physically. I am doing well in formal retirement at age 68. I do not want to have to be running around at age 70 as I was at 55 or 60. We should all fight for decent retirement at 65.

I have used “nonelderly entitlements” like unemployment insurance. Unemployment insurance is paid for out of taxes the employer pays on workers’ wages. I remember my employer keeping people working at anything remotely productive just to keep the unemployment tax rate down.

We should “discuss the choices candidly,” keep track of where these funds have come from and take care of our workers and retirees.

David Gaeddert