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Letter: All prison employees must remain on guard

All prison employees must remain on guard

Corrections officers as well as civilian employees have a very dangerous job. The code working behind the wall or razor wire, especially for a CO, is “fair, firm and consistent.” That is, every inmate in “state issue” gets treated the same way. The rules apply to all, equally. As soon as inmates get favors from employees, serious consequences may occur because you’re passing the test and about to get “trapped off.”

Inmates, whether male or female, never stop trying to con their wards. They listen to every word and watch for emotional flags to go up. Employees in a prison setting are their own worst enemies because of their big mouths. Once the line is crossed, bringing in contraband or getting emotionally involved, you’re done. They have you “trapped off.” If you don’t comply with their demands, they’ll report you to your superiors or even threaten your family.

It was fortunate that the two who escaped from upstate never got their hands on innocent people while on the run, because the ending would have been tragic – and just because a couple of employees “passed the test.”

Aron Gray