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Letter: A few extra minutes won’t hurt commuters

A few extra minutes won’t hurt commuters

I’ve read some letters in this column complaining that the lower speed limit on the Scajaquada is a burden. I really have to laugh. I used to live in Boston, Mass., one of the traffic jam capitals of the world, and the idea that anyone could complain about an extra three minutes of travel time is positively hilarious.

Really, folks, drive up to Toronto, enjoy some time on its highways at rush hour, and then come back and complain about all the extra time you’re spending with the 30 mph speed limit on Route 198.

For myself, as a Parkside resident, I’ll trade those extra three minutes of driving time for a restoration of Frederick Law Olmsted’s original design. I’ll rest easy knowing that users of Delaware Park will be safer as they walk or bike to the park and when they’re in the park. I’ll be happy without those ever-so-exciting zero-to-55 on-ramps when I use the Scajaquada.

I’d love to see people have safe, easy access from one side of the park to the other. And I hope that pretty soon the whole road will be redesigned so that it is no longer an eyesore but is a parkway suitable for our Buffalo Olmsted gem.

Susan Udin