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Letter: Be wary when taking children to playground

Be wary when taking children to playground

The day The News published the article about the new playground across from Tifft Nature Preserve, I knew I had to take my grandson down there to check it out. It’s a beautiful location with bright new equipment, mainly for climbing, and a really cool enclosed slide. The entire area has a rubberized surface that’s supposed to prevent injuries.

When we got there, my grandson took off for the large apparatus in the center of the park. One of the ladies there told me to keep an eye on him because inside there is a drop from the top third level to the ground. An adult watching from the outside would never see this. The gal also mentioned that when she was there the week before with a school group, one of the children got hurt after she did exactly that. Yesterday on Facebook, a friend’s grandson’s picture was posted as he was going into a CT scan machine to check for a concussion. Yes, he fell from the second level of that playground equipment.

It is posted for children ages 5 to 12. But really, what was the designer thinking when a 10-foot drop is in the center of something kids are climbing on?

Carol Fasciana