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Letter: Parker turns a blind eye to Bush’s many failures

Parker turns a blind eye to Bush’s many failures

Aw, poor Kathleen Parker. In a recent column, this champion of the Bush family was lamenting that during her motherhood, she had to protect her children while continuining to write her lifestyle column. “If nothing else was certain, at least no one would have to worry about blue dresses, knee pads and cigars” with George W. and Laura Bush in office.

At least not for others of her ideals of politics and privilege for the sons and daughters of fathers and mothers who didn’t have to face the hells that good old George had created by invading other countries. Americans were dying by the thousands so that Parker could, “in her migration to Washington,” continue to write her slop and get paid for it.

She quoted Jeb Bush as saying, “indirectly and cleverly,” that “the presidency shouldn’t be passed on from one liberal to the next.” She thinks it should be relegated to the elite line of Bushes who fought only “moral wars,” apparently with the blessings of her and Bible thumpers of her persuasion. Parker uses brushes to paint herself and the Bushes in the glorious colors of red, pure white and blue.

Both Presidents Bill Clinton and Bush committed sins. As a mother or father, what president would you favor – one with sins of the flesh or one with the sins of false persuasion (lying) who sent your children to be slaughtered? One sin is forgivable, the other is not. That is the real point, after all.

John Cappelletti