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July 4, 1975: What beverages were on sale at Super Duper and B-Kwik?

Both Super Duper and B-Kwik were offering great savings on discount pop and beer for Fourth of July in 1975. So what beverages would have been stocked up for the upcoming holiday celebrations?

Koehler Beer six-packs were less than a buck at B-Kwik, and Hy-Top pop was eight cans for a buck. A longtime favorite of Buffalo cheapskates, RC Cola, was also on sale: eight 16-ounce glass bottles for $1.

Over at Super Duper, it was Schaefer Beer six-packs for a buck and eight cans of Red and White pop for $1.

Koehler was produced in Erie, Pa., and became a local cheapo favorite after the closure of Buffalo’s Simon Pure and Iroquois plants in the early '70s. Koehler was last produced in 1978.

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