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‘Terminator’ gives Waze directions

Washington Post

If a cyborg assassin tells you to turn left, you better do it.

That said, the directions he’s giving you will probably keep you out of rush hour traffic.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s voice will be available on turn-by-turn GPS app Waze starting July 1.

Waze allows users to talk back to its interface to communicate with other drivers about traffic conditions. If someone up ahead spots a speed trap or traffic jam, for example, he or she can alert other users to avoid that route.

Waze also recruited actors Terry Crews in 2014 and Kevin Hart in 2013 to give directions.

But now, have fun talking back to an Austrian-accented killing machine/former California governor.

Schwarzenegger told USA Today his involvement with the app marks a bit of deja vu:

“In 1984, when we did (the first) Terminator, we talked about the world being run by machines. It was science fiction then,” Schwarzenegger, 67, said. “Now you have machines telling you where to drive.”

To activate The Terminator’s voice, go to “Settings,” then “Sounds” and click on “English (US) – Arnold Schwarzenegger.”

No word yet on whether return trips will be more entertaining (think, “I’ll be back”), though at the end of journeys, be ready to hear, “Hasta la vista, baby!”