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Letter: Despite Cuomo paying attention to WNY, school crises persist

Despite Cuomo paying attention to WNY, school crises persist

Many Western New York school superintendents and administration staff have spent all year lobbying against Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s teacher evaluations, and at the same time, there are fiscal catastrophes in the districts.

Our governor comes to Buffalo frequently, and managed to get himself down here during every major storm. With the elections behind him, he was here solely to support us. He also is systematically building Buffalo by generating jobs and building up our waterfront and Canalside. Until recently, building cranes had been long absent from Buffalo. I am pleased that Western New York has so much attention from this governor.

However, I am concerned about how many school issues have fallen through the cracks. Millions of dollars for schools, paid by taxpayers, were focusing on lobbying in 2014-15, not on children or their education. Am I the only one upset about that? Children still are failing to graduate in Buffalo at an unacceptable rate, while the first-ring suburbs are falling behind. Now, the West Seneca Central School District has to borrow money to survive. Orchard Park received less state aid and is hiring. West Seneca received the most state aid and is laying off teachers.

Let’s merge these administratively top-heavy districts and give New Yorkers their increased state aid back.

Michael May