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Letter: Politicians are cowards in the face of gun lobby

Politicians are cowards in the face of gun lobby

When it comes to gun violence, America is “exceptional,” but in a bad way. We are the worst so-called “advanced” country when it comes to gun deaths and frequency of mass shootings.

Our elected officials are, for the most part, cowards in the face of the NRA and money. They refuse to follow the will of the majority of citizens and instead distort the intentions of the founding fathers to appease the gun rights lobby and radical right-wingers.

States like Texas and Georgia, among others, allow guns in churches, schools, fairs, etc. This is a sign of either paranoia, stupidity or both.

A Fox News commentator even suggested that if a church member in Charleston had a gun, that person could have taken out the shooter. That is assuming, of course, that every person with a gun is an expert marksman. Shootouts in churches. What a great idea!

There are far too many haters, lone wolves and conspiracy nuts in this country to have free-flowing guns everywhere. Only when sanity prevails and common sense takes over from the gun mania of today will these mass shootings and 30,000 deaths each year be reduced.

Only then will we be truly exceptional.

Nancy R. Johnston