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Letter: Paladino should consider taking sensitivity training

Paladino should consider taking sensitivity training

Mr. (Carl) Paladino. Enough is enough! Why the School Board keeps you is beyond me. Maybe I’m a little sensitive since my wife is Asian, but enough racial bigoted remarks. In case you did not know or cannot see, we are a country of immigrants. Always have been, always will be. Diversity is what makes our country great and why many other nations hate us. My grandparents were immigrants and so were my in-laws. And all of them were proud to be U.S. citizens.

By the way, should not everyone on any school board have diversity/sensitivity training every year? I think you are overdue for yours.

And as far as the University at Buffalo is concerned, we are an international university full of diversity and culture that makes Western New York great (and working here terrific!). Many of my international students have graduated and made Western New York and New York State their home, enhancing our culture and way of life. So next time you are about to have verbal diarrhea I suggest you stop and think.

Feel free to contact me at any time. I would be happy to meet with you to educate you about our international students, UB or maybe, just maybe, introduce you to my wife and children. You have my business card from when we met at the John F. Kennedy Airport some years back.

Karl D. Fiebelkorn