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Sports talk: Letters for June 28

Cautious optimism about the Bills

Recently the Buffalo Bills broke a season-ticket sales record. It is obvious that a lot of excitement is surrounding the team. They made major offseason deals to get some new talent. The Bill’s defense is basically the same as last year. We should get another dominating year out of them.

I am excited about the new coach Rex Ryan. It will be interesting to see what Rex does with a new roster full of talent. Percy Harvin is explosive on the field and in the locker room. He is known to cause issues with teammates and he has injury concerns all the way back from college.

However, one glaring question still needs to be answered. What are we going to do about a quarterback? E.J. Manuel is a work in progress at best. Other than the question of QB, I, too, am very excited about the Buffalo Bills this year.

James L. Miller

Alden N.Y.

LeBron’s words meant to motivate

This letter is in response to “LeBron needs to learn lesson.” The writer took the statement out of context. LeBron said he was “the best player in the world” after a Cavs loss, saying to his team, “Don’t give up, I’ll put you on my back and carry you guys to the title.”

LeBron could give lessons to other NBA players on how to stay out of trouble!

Jim Burczynski


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