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Letter: Sadly, Disney no longer represents American values

Sadly, Disney no longer represents American values

There was a time in this great country of ours when made in America meant something. Perhaps the first hint of something gone awry was the British music invasion of the early ’60s. Albeit, it positively changed the course of rock and pop music forever. But in a way, it was a harbinger of things to come.

Then there was a time when everybody’s dad drove a Merc, Chevy, Buick or Ford. But that all changed when European and Japanese imports flooded into American consciousness. Some say it was our government’s involvement in Vietnam that took the glimmer out of American products.

Home-raised household electronics names such as RCA, Magnavox and Zenith were no longer manufactured here. And made in Japan, Korea and China became the norm. We became more concerned with making a profit than we were making an item, that, in turn, would turn a profit.

All of this has become second nature now. And we just assume that any product we use on a daily basis has a foreign stamp on it. I guess its just the way things are. But one thing really disturbs and saddens me. A June 18 article printed in The Buffalo News, “Layoffs canceled for now at Disney,” stated that 35 technology employees at Disney-ABC Television had been due to be laid off.

Adding insult to injury, the affected employees would have had to train their new immigrant replacements, otherwise their severance would be eliminated. This layoff was subsequently canceled by Disney executives and the workers remained on the job until further notice.

However, back in January 2015, Walt Disney World in Orlando did lay off 250 tech employees with the same stipulation of training immigrants from India.

I was raised with the belief that mom, apple pie and the girl next door were quintessentially American. And I believe most of us would have added Disney to that list. And now we can’t even do that.

Robert K. Dombrowski