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Letter: Pope’s encyclical on environment deserves plaudits, more coverage

Pope’s encyclical on environment deserves plaudits, more coverage

I am writing with enthusiasm about the encyclical that Pope Francis has written on the environment and the responsibility of its care, titled “Laudato Si.” As an engineer and a person of science, I am happy to see people and organizations iterating the facts about our contributions to the state of the environment and our moral responsibility to care about our contributions. This issue has been far too politicized, and so much information has been made propaganda that the truth has been blurred to the public due to party lines.

With the technical background I have, I applaud the pope for his focus on the moral impacts to this scientific problem. Einstein would be proud of this encyclical for he stated “science without religion is lame, and religion without science is blind.”

I have read a substantial amount of “Laudato Si” and I hope that the media continues coverage on this encyclical and its impact; for a voice outside of religion and the science community is needed – a voice like The Buffalo News.

Neil A. Walkowski

Orchard Park