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Letter: It isn’t just Canalside experiencing a rebirth

It isn’t just Canalside experiencing a rebirth

For those of you who think all the improvements going on in the downtown Buffalo area just center around Canalside: there’s so much more.

I drive through Ohio Street and part of the Outer Harbor every day that I go to and from work. The improvements happening in these places are amazing. Come and take a look.

Ohio Street has undergone a rebirth. It now has improved, stylish street lighting. It is lined with green trees and has an almost-completed bike and pedestrian path on the riverside that links the Outer Harbor to Canalside. Decorative period bridge railings have been added to the remnant of the historical canal that ends at Ohio Street. The old, dilapidated freight house has been demolished to make way for new development. Ohio Street looks positively attractive.

The Outer Harbor is also looking good. The Buffalo Harbor State Park offers picnic shelters and a modern playground. People flock to Gallagher Beach to wet their feet, kayak or canoe, fish, windsurf and jet-ski. Others walk dogs, push baby strollers, bike and roller blade along the bike/pedestrian path. Dug’s Dive is busy with customers. Tifft Street Pier is a perfect place for people to watch a sunset. The area is alive with people and activity.

There is new life blossoming all around downtown; this is only some of it. If you haven’t had a chance, visit the Outer Harbor and take a drive down Ohio Street. See all the wonderful changes happening for yourself.

Vanessa Wazny

Lake View