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22 Days: The escape and hunt for Richard Matt and David Sweat

June 6: Richard W. Matt and David P. Sweat are discovered missing from their cells during a 5:30 a.m. check of inmates at Clinton Correctional Facility. In their bunks: clothes rigged to look like sleeping people.

June 7: A $100,000 reward is offered for the two escaped prisoners.

June 8: State Police chase hundreds of leads. Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo says the two likely had help escaping. He also says they could be in Canada or Mexico or anywhere in between.

June 9: A source says the escapees had access to the prison’s catwalks for months. The source also says Matt and Sweat needed help to escape.

June 10: A female prison employee “befriended the inmates and may have had some sort of role in assisting them,” State Police Superintendent Joseph D’Amico says.

June 11: Searchers focus on an area three miles away from Dannemora after finding small clues.

June 12: Joyce Mitchell is charged with a felony for her role in the escape.

June 13: Officials say they believe the escaped pair has not gotten far from their former prison.

June 14: Sweat turns 35.

June 15: Cuomo orders investigation into the prison escape.

June 16: At least one criminal justice official is placed under 24-hour watch for fear of retribution from Matt.

June 17: The search shifts to different, undisclosed locations.

June 18: State and town police enter the home of Matt’s half-brother in Amherst, looking for Matt and Sweat. They are not there.

June 19: A corrections officer at Clinton Correctional Facility is placed on administrative leave in connection with Matt and Sweat’s escape.

June 20: A Friendship woman reports a possible sighting of the two escaped convicts near her home in Allegany County. Friendship becomes a focus for 24 hours. Meanwhile, more than 300 miles away in the Adirondacks, a man checking a hunting camp in Mountain View sees a man fleeing the camp and alerts police.

June 21: Police pull out of Friendship and the focus shifts to the Adirondacks, 20 miles from the prison. Traces of both men’s DNA are confirmed from that hunting cabin.

June 22: Titus Mountain area, 30 miles from prison, becomes focus of search.

June 23: Police admit their frustrations are mounting.

June 24: DNA from Matt is found in a cabin near Malone.

June 25: Matt turns 49. The state’s Department of Corrections suspends the pay of Gene Palmer, a second staff member from the Dannemora prison who helped Matt and Sweat with various items.

June 26: Matt is shot dead near Malone. Sweat remains on the run.

June 27: Police search for Sweat around Lake Titus.

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