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Letter: Geothermal energy presents its own set of problems

Geothermal energy presents its own set of problems

While taking my break from my employment with New York State, I decided to read my Buffalo News. I offer accolades to the early delivery of the Buffalo News in all types of weather. Time sensitive, I went to “Everybody’s Column,” and was amazed at two letters.

One letter asked Gov. Andrew Cuomo to use geothermal energy and the other was our dependence upon “outsiders.”

First there is no such thing as geothermal energy. Geothermal is a fascinating process similar to fracking without the mystery. It involves the use of loud high explosives over a protracted period to place pipes deep within the earth at the depth where the temperature is a constant 55 degrees Farenheit, then pumping fluid from this constant temperature to heat and cool a home or office complex.

The system is dependent upon limited natural gas or electricity, but in the long term is more efficient and far less costly than current methods of cooling and heating. The problem is that the construction noise and use of high explosives precludes activities like sleeping or working on the site.

Likewise, if it were done with every home or office, sink holes and water aquifer problems would only be the beginning.

Now this thing about our “too dependent on outsiders,” just makes me giggle. In 1994 there was a fascinating presidential campaign involving a Bush, a Clinton and a Ross Perot.

Only Ross Perot said that NAFTA would cause “a sucking sound” that would cause our high-paying manufacturing jobs to first move to Mexico and then to Asia. The other candidates both said that would never happen.

My question to those, like the writer, complaining of our dependency upon outsiders is, did he vote in 1994?

If so, did he understand that NAFTA was the beginning of the dependency upon outsiders? Even as we speak President Obama is enhancing what is left to increase our dependency upon outsiders.

Harvey Brody