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Letter: Commentary on candidates had subtle, scary message

Commentary on candidates had subtle, scary message

Reading Susan Estrich’s commentary about makes me cringe. I could not care less about, but her message is so subtle it’s scary.

Her brilliant assistant, Kathy, took the quiz and Bernie was her candidate, but for the fear of voting for a loser, she would vote otherwise. Only a person of extremely bad judgment would do so.

Then tell me how one expresses their opinion at the polls if you don’t vote for a candidate that shares your views. This mindset, you have to select a winner, is the basis for the two-party system, fear of losing.

When I played baseball my team was not the best. We lost more games than we won. But, we had support no matter the outcome. I feel the media pushes this all-or-none attitude.

It’s only a commentary you say, but you have skewed the vote to Clinton by the printing of “She would never vote for Sanders,” citing sound judgment. Susan, you are the waitress pushing leftover soup from the night before.

Until people wise up and start asking for things that are not on the menu, they will be served peas and carrots. And as for Donald Trump, he’s the wooden Indian standing in the corner for ambiance, without a thought in his head.

Richard Mylchreest