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Letter: SLA’s fining of legion post hurts community programs

SLA’s fining of legion post hurts community programs

Recently, our American Legion Post was fined by the State Liquor Authority for unlawful gambling. The infraction was raffling off a gallon-sized bottle of whiskey that was donated by a friend. The raffle would help support our many programs that benefit the community, the youth and veterans, young and old.

The profit from the raffle was very minimal, possibly $100. The SLA fined us $1,500. The SLA is an agency of New York State, which we know runs numerous gambling games.

The state makes millions that comes from citizens who can’t afford to gamble, and some even become addicted to it.

The American Legion is a non-profit organization that focuses its activities for the good of the community. The fine definitely will hurt our programs to make our town a better place to live in.

It has come to our attention that posts in Hamburg and West Seneca were also fined. Why is the SLA going after the veterans organizations? It seems odd that other organizations are doing the same as we are and are free to do so.

We need these small raffles to fund our many community programs.

They are hurting the very people we are trying to help. It is unfair that we are singled out while others are not. There are bigger fish to catch.

The irrational rules and regulations should be altered – not to hinder but to help organizations like us who want to help the community, the youth and veterans.

Gene Blamowski

Orchard Park