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Letter: Letter writer offers mixed message on faith

Letter writer offers mixed message on faith

A recent letter writer asserts that the Catholic Church loves and welcomes “our LGBT brothers and sisters,” while stating, “my faith teaches marriage is between a man and a woman.” I detect a mixed message.

My faith also prohibits same-sex marriage. But my Russian-Jewish immigrant ancestors surely were running for their lives, simply because of who they were. My father did not pursue his first two careers of choice due to anti-Semitism.

Suffice to say my family was not welcome in our neighborhood. I was involved in numerous fistfights with children who presumably were acting upon what was taught at home. I put a stop to the bullying, but the emotional scars lasted for years. Life is short, I cannot retrieve whatever was lost while developing a sense of self-worth.

I would challenge the suggestion that heterosexual marriage is “the fundamental building block of human civilization.” I believe the golden rule is a better fit. Religious instruction that creates a climate that assaults basic dignity, diminishes quality of life, perhaps puts people in jeopardy and may drive someone to suicide hits too close to home for my taste.

Mark Nemerow