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Letter: Gun violence at home inflicts its own brand of terrorism

Gun violence at home inflicts its own brand of terrorism

Jon Stewart got it right when he lamented that we have spent thousands of lives and trillions of dollars on keeping America “safe” from terrorism. Yet, right here, we are threatened daily by gun violence and we do nothing to stem the tide. Our gun laws do little to keep us safe. Anyone can purchase a gun or have one purchased for them.

There are so many guns lying around that children regularly find guns, play with them and shoot themselves or someone else. We give guns as birthday and Christmas presents. We insist on being allowed to carry them in churches, schools and grocery stores. We can purchase guns that were meant for use in military action.

Refugees who come here from war torn areas are absolutely incredulous that we have so many guns. They came here for peace and are saddened and shocked to find that we are in so much danger from gun violence.

It is no way to live, and we have to wake up. We are not safer because there are guns everywhere and I’m weary of that and the other lame arguments put forth by the NRA. It is time for all of us to rise up and say “no more.” It is time to take effective action against the terrorism we face at home, terrorism that is more imminently threatening than al-Qaida or ISIS.

Cynthia Lehman

Chair, Coordinating Board

WNY Peace Center