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Parking restrictions around stadium expanded to include concert days

You can’t always get what you want, according to the Rolling Stones, including parking on side streets around Ralph Wilson Stadium on July 11 when the rock band comes to Orchard Park.

The Town Board has expanded the parking restrictions in place on 22 side streets during Buffalo Bills game days to include “stadium event days” such as the Rolling Stones concert and One Direction concert on September 3, said Supervisor Patrick Keem.

“We had to extend it to include concerts, which we’re happy to have back at the stadium again,” he said. “I’m excited. I’m going to the Rolling Stones concert.”

The parking ordinance defines a stadium event day as “any day on which any event other than maintenance, construction, event preparation or routine athletic practice is scheduled.”

Similar restrictions have been in effect on the side streets during football game days, said E. Joseph Wehrfritz, Orchard Park assistant police chief.

“The list of streets are the same we’ve enforced forever,” he said.

Those parking illegally will face a fine of $25. The ordinance also allows police to tow the illegally parked vehicles.

“You hate to do it but safety is the No. 1 issue,” Keem said, noting that streets must be kept clear for emergency vehicle access.

Last year, 50 parked cars were towed from streets near the stadium during a game featuring the Buffalo Bills and Green Bay Packers. Owners paid more than $200 to get their cars back after the Dec. 14 game.

“I hope everyone’s safe, people behave and we have a wonderful day and enjoy the Rolling Stones without any incidents,” Keem said.

Keem said the town’s other security preparations for the highly anticipated concert are going well.

“Everything’s rolling along,” he said. “We’re well prepared. We have a few weeks yet.”

Parking restrictions will be enforced on the following side streets: Fay Street, Pilger Place, Glen Street, Allen Street, Oakwood Avenue, Penhurst Street, Greenfield Street, Lehigh Street, Saybrook, Kings Court, Queens Place, West Abbott Grove, East Abbott Grove, Brookview Terrace, Elmtree, Middlesex, Meadowlawn, Schultz, Shadow Lane, Ellis Road, South Benzing and Steppingstone Lane.

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