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Q: For how many seasons was Anthony Anderson on “Law & Order”? – Tim Donahue, Heath, Ohio

A: Principally known earlier for comedy – to which he has returned very successfully in ABC’s “blackish” – Anderson began his transition to drama with roles in “The Shield” and the Oscar-winning 2006 movie “The Departed.” His “Law & Order” stint followed those, coming in the last two seasons (2008-10) of the show’s 20-year NBC run. His Detective Kevin Bernard was partnered with Detective Cyrus Lupo, played by Jeremy Sisto (lately of “The Returned”).


Q: How many of the stars of “Gilligan’s Island” are still living? – Jack Gregg, Batavia

A: Only two – Dawn Wells (alias “Mary Ann”) and Tina Louise (“Ginger Grant”) – since the passing of Russell Johnson, aka “The Professor,” last year. Wells often turns up in promotional ads for the classic sitcom on Me-TV, where the show has been running every day of the week lately.


Q: Would you please tell me that “Blue Bloods” will be back next season? There are a lot of repeats now. – Betty Phillips, Cyberspace

A: We keep getting this question a lot, though it was answered here not long ago, so this hopefully will put it to rest. The short answer is “Yes,” the Tom Selleck-starring police drama will return to CBS this fall for its sixth year.

There would be repeats of the show at this time of year anyway, since its regular season ended in May. These days, there are more reruns of it around, since it’s also now shown on ION Television and WGN America as well as in local syndication … so maybe that’s the reason for the alarm. However, fans can rest easy, since the show’s law-and-order Reagan family has new cases to come.

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