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Letter: Trade bill will do more harm to average American workers

Trade bill will do more harm to average American workers

This Pacific trade agreement must be stopped in its tracks. Haven’t we learned by now with NAFTA, GATT, WTO, that what these agreements do in fact is subsidize cheap labor in other countries at the expense of our blue-collar middle-class workers? These agreements have virtually killed American manufacturing. Go to your nearest Kmart, Target, Walmart or wherever and prove it to yourselves.

What we have done to mitigate the loss of jobs is to pass federally subsidized, hugely bureaucratic worker retraining programs, creating primarily service-sector and government jobs that produce nothing, and long-term fiscal debt that is passed on to our children.

Conservative Republicans and most Democrats oppose this Trade Promotion Authority, yet the House of Representatives just narrowly passed the bill and it is now on to the Senate. What we need now is not a Republican Party or a Democratic Party, but an American Party to stand up for America and help restore our manufacturing base. Kill this abomination now!

Richard Speth