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Letter: This nation is becoming too dependent on outsiders

This nation is becoming too dependent on outsiders

NASA is now dependent on Russian rockets and the United States is dependent on Japan and China for almost everything else.

Undermining domestic American technological and industrial capacity by allowing trade “partners” subsidies, currency manipulation, dumping, unfair labor and environmental practices and protectionism is no longer considered an un-American activity. This supply-side system causes chronic low U.S. real employment and average incomes and national deficits through the ceiling. Former President Clinton’s deregulation/sub-prime credit bubble exception ended later with what would have been another Great Depression, without Social Security and Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.

Mindful how essential American technological and industrial might was during World War II operations, what materials will be available for our national defense in the future? What happens if the future aggressor is also the major supplier or our currency bottoms out internationally?

The 30-year experiment described by former President George H.W. Bush as voodoo economics is a departure from that of all administrations prior to President Reagan. Should our government “screenplay” be permanently rescripted as though our constitutional preamble reads, “We the multinational corporations” or “We the illegal immigrants?”

Louis L. Boehm

Orchard Park