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City Hallways (June 23)Feeling lucky at love

Calendar Items

Common Council meeting today.  Big stuff on agenda. Public hearing on renaming Squaw Island to Unity Island, which, in Seneca, translates to Ga'nigo:i:yoh.  Expected vote on a new parking arrangement for the Erie Basin Marina, replacing a controversial $5 special events parking fee with free two-hour parking during peak hours.
Also today, Mayor Brown is announcing a City of Opportunity "design contest"  this afternoon. I'm not sure what that's about, but will have more on it later.

Fruit Belt Parking update
Still no vote in Albany, but Roswell Park is challenging the CSEA's claim that employees  park in the Fruit Belt neighborhood because  the cancer institute doesn't provide enough parking for its employees.
“The numbers that have been reported recently about availability and demand for parking spaces at Roswell Park are not at all accurate," says Harvey Srassburg, Roswell's public safety director. "We have spots to accommodate every Roswell Park employee who needs one, across 12 different parking ramps/lots, not all of which are operated directly by the Institute."
Unlike the Fruit Belt streets, however, the parking spots Roswell provides are not free.
Roswell supports the Fruit Belt parking permit plan, that is stalled in the state Legislature because of the CSEA opposition.  "It's important to us to make sure our residential neighbors have access to street parking  around their properties, and it's an approach that has worked well in other growing urban areas," Strassburg said.

Also in Albany . . .

  • Word is Buffalo's  mayoral control bill is dead.
  • Fast Food Wage Control Board Mayor Brown chairs met in Albany Monday. More of the same. Workers and politicians pushing for higher pay for fast food workers. Industry concerns about ramifications of higher pay for lower-wage workers.

By the power invested in me.....
A couple fun but true stories from City Clerk  Gerald Chwalinski, whose office issues marriage licenses, and, at times, performs marriage ceremonies:
A man came into the clerk's office alone, and said  he wanted to apply for a marriage license.
"Where's your fiancee," he was asked.  Both you and your fiancee need to be present to apply for a marriage license, he was told.
"I don't have one," the man responded, "but the weekend looks promising."
No license for him that day.

Marriage licenses, Chwalinski noted, don't take effect until 24 hours after issued, apparently giving the prospective bride and groom a chance to think about what they are getting into. But once the 24-hour waiting period is up, the license is good for 60 days.
One couple, Chwalinski  said, has come to  the Clerk's office  four times already, and received four  marriage  licenses.  All of which expired before being used. Hard to say what's going on there. Maybe they keep changing their mind during that 24-hour window. Who knows, but but Chwalinski says it's a true story. You couldn't make this stuff up.

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